Plant Preservative Mixture


What is Plant Preservative Mixture “Affiplant PPM” ?

Plant Preservation Mixture (PPM) is a robust broad-spectrum biocide formulated for use in plant tissue culture. PPM targets bacteria and fungi in plant tissue culture growth media as well as contaminated tissue. It affects key enzymes in the Krebs cycle and in the Electron Transport Chain.

Depending on the dose and the level of contamination, PPM is a biocidal component in plant culture medium. In addition, it may also function as a biostatic compound as a preventative measure. When diluted with plant growth media it is effective as a microbiocide (i.e. bactericide and fungicide) against non-human health pathogenic organisms component of liquid or semi-solid plant culture media.

Affiplant PPM is effective for most seed baring plants – angiosperm, as well as gymnosperm,- however, it is not recommended for use in ferns, mosses, algae and aquatic plants. Optimization may be required to maximize potency. While PPM is an excellent tool in the prevention and elimination of culture contamination it is not a substitute for asceptic laboratory techniques and appropriate air handling systems are recommended.


PPM bottle


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